Frequently asked questions

Below you will find FAQs relating to the Baxnaano Programme

1. What is this program?

Somalia Shock Responsive Safety Net for Human Capital Project (SNCHP), or as locally known Baxnaano, is a government-owned safety net program that envisages reaching the most vulnerable segment of the society through progressive cash-based social assistance while also building the necessary systems for national social protection system.

2. When will the registration for the Baxnaano close?

The registration is currently going on in most parts of the country and it will close when each district reaches its target beneficiaries.

3. How much does the family get from Baxnaano support?

A Baxnaano card will be distributed to each family that is found eligible. The card will be charged quarterly with 60USD ($) per household ($20 Monthly). This amount will be enough to cover some of the family’s essential needs, helping towards providing stability, adequate accommodation and food on the table.

4. How long will the assistance last?

Eligible families will continue to receive assistance as long as they continue to be eligible, and as long as they are found to be in need. Funding is currently in place to support this assistance programme until the end of December 2020. However, it is expected that the programme will continue until the end of 2022.

5. Which organizations are involved in implementing the BAXNAANO?

MoLSA signed service contracts with WFP to support the implementation of Components 1. WFP was selected to support the FGS implement the cash transfers (Component 1) due to its experience and track record of implementing cash-based transfers in Somalia and globally.

6. What about families living in IDP camps?

Families living in camps are not eligible for the BAXNAANO at the moment. Baxnaano focuses primarily on rural areas, which are often in the ‘Stressed’ category and are underserved by humanitarian assistance programs.

7. Why cash?

Because it gives people choice, brings them a sense of normalcy and empowers them to manage their family’s priorities to meet their essential needs. With cash assistance, nothing perishes; people get what they need when they need it.

8. How much is the BAXNAANO entitlement?

The BAXNAANO has a total of US$65 million financed from the World Bank IDA’s pre-arrears clearance grant facility.

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Shock Responsive Safety Net for Human Capital Project (BAXNAANO)

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